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I first saw her in Lee Soo Young’s Dong Gu Ro Ni or Left Alone music video back in 2003 and I still remember thinking how ┬ásimple she looked in comparison with all the other Korean actresses at that time. But I just felt like there is something about her that no matter how simple she is, you can still end up liking her. I cannot say that I personally know her but from what I know from her interviews and her choices in her projects, she seems like an actress who is very much grounded, highly intelligent, very introspective but at the same time very relatable. She’s fearless in her choices of projects and characters to portray. I love that she pick strong female characters and that most of them are strong willed and was never the damsel-in-distress kind.

She’s always in fashion that even if you force her to wear rags, she could probably still pull it off as if it was a designer piece. She is so very lively and fun to be around as per her co-stars which earned her the nickname Gongvely.

What I love most about her is the fact that she’s very honest. She is very vocal in terms of getting her beliefs across. She even wrote a book aptly titled Gong Chek or Gong Hyo Jin’s Notebook about her advocacy towards the environment. She is very open about her relationship in public and most of all, she doesn’t feel superficial because her charm is rooted on her belief in her self. She was able to overcome the stigma that she is never gonna be a beautiful face like most actresses her age ┬ábut she is just so comfortable with her own skin that she doesn’t give a rat’s ass what other people think of her looks because she is confident that she can surely win them over with her wit and her charm. And I could say that the beauty may soon be washed away with age, but Gong Hyo Jin seems to be looking lovelier and lovelier as time goes by. Not because she has jumped in the plastic surgery bandwagon but the fact that her womanly charms seems to improve in time as well. She is currently starring in a fusion of romantic comedy and horror genre in the drama The Master’s Sun. The show has gained a huge following not only in Korea but also worldwide if you can follow the buzz in most online communities. The main reason for the shows success can be attributed to the sizzling on and off-screen chemistry of Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub.

And I think right now, the reason why Korea loved her so much is because she has proven her worth as an actress. It might be that your face will get you noticed as you start your career but it is the talent and your love for your craft which will determine how long you will survive in the industry.

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